Sports-Related Services


Adaptive Sports Program

Our Adaptive Sports Program helps children and teens with disabilities find a sport they love and can play safely.

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Athletic Training

Our certified athletic trainers work with young athletes on and off the field to help prevent injuries and keep them healthy.

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Dance Medicine

Our therapists and athletic trainers treat dancers as athletes to help them prevent injury and provide dance-focused rehab to help them recover.

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Motion Analysis

We use motion analysis technology to help detect mechanical inefficiencies in sport motions to reduce the risk of injury and improve performance.

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Sports Medicine

We develop specialized treatments to help young athletes return to playing their sport as safely and quickly as possible.

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Sports Medicine for Runners

We help young runners run safely, recover from injury, and prevent injury with stretching and training tips.

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Sports Medicine for Swimmers

Swimmers are just as prone to injury as any contact-sport athlete. Our sports medicine team helps athletes recover from injuries and get back to competition.

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Sports Performance Training

Our evidence-based sports training, powered by EXOS, helps growing athletes, teams and adults get to the next level. Our training facility, located in Alpharetta, is now open.

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Sports Physical Therapy

Our sports physical therapists are specially trained to work with teens with sports-related injuries and help them return to sports as quickly and safely as possible.

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