What We Treat

The Children’s neurosurgery team has experience with neurosurgical conditions ranging from the most common to extremely rare. Our multidisciplinary team treats only infants, children and adolescents, so we understand their physical and emotional needs.

Specific conditions we treat include:

Head and brain

Nerve and muscle

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Services We Offer

Cutting-edge equipment

  • CO2 laser
  • YAG laser
  • Neuro-endoscopy
  • Intra-operative image guidance system for frameless stereotactic surgery
  • Intra-operative MRI (iMRI)
  • Microsurgery equipment
  • Ultrasonography and ultrasonic tissue aspirator
  • Gamma knife for brain tumor and arterio-venous malformation (AVM)
  • Interventional neuroradiology for AVM/vascular abnormalities
  • Intracranial pressure monitoring and continuous cerebral oximetry for head injuries
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy

A wide range of programs and clinics

Our team works with other specialists so that we can provide complete, effective care for your child. Treatment will be tailored for your child’s needs, and we’ll work with you at every stage so you will know what to expect.

  • Brain and Spinal Cord Tumor Program: We have one of the largest teams of dedicated pediatric neurosurgeons in the country. With our advanced surgical technology, we treat more than 100 pediatric brain tumor patients each year.
  • Concussion Program: Our goal is to educate the community about the seriousness of concussions and the importance of a gradual return to school and activities. Our concussion materials are endorsed by the Georgia Department of Public Health.
  • Epilepsy Center: Our Epilepsy Center is a Level 4 pediatric epilepsy center according to the National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC)—their highest level of designation. Each year, the specially trained staff treats hundreds of patients—nearly 1,000 epilepsy discharges, more than double the national average. We provide neurodiagnostic monitoring, clinical trials, and both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options. We offer the latest in robotic neurosurgery technology. The ROSA robotic surgical assistant has been added to our existing stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG) procedure to give us an integrated platform for surgical planning. We also offer laser ablation surgery using Visualase, an advanced, minimally invasive, MRI-guided laser ablation technology used to treat patients with epilepsy. Using epilepsy research, new techniques, advanced technology and diagnostic testing capabilities, we have helped our patients become free of disabling seizures after surgery.
  • Neurocritical Care Program: Children’s has the only pediatric Level I and Level II trauma centers in the state. Our team of specialists work together to care for children with traumatic brain injuries, seizures and brain tumors.
  • Neuro Spine Care: Our team offers specialized care for children and teens with complex neurological spine disorders. From congenital conditions to spine trauma, the team takes a multidisciplinary approach, combining expertise from neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuroradiologists, neuropsychologists and orthopaedic surgeons.
  • Multispecialty clinics: Our team offers multispecialty clinics for patients who need to see several specialists. These clinics let patients see several doctors in one visit.

Evaluations and diagnostic tests

We use advanced diagnostic, treatment and neuroimaging technology to provide better outcomes for your child. Our team provides unique treatment options based on each child's condition and needs.

Learn about evaluations and diagnostic tests we offer

Meet the Team

We have one of the largest pediatric neurosurgery teams in the country. Our neurosurgeons are board-eligible in neurosurgery and pediatrics, which means they completed additional training in order to care for pediatric patients. We are actively involved in research that we hope will lead to cures for pediatric diseases and highly focused on the needs of children with diseases of the spine, brain and nervous system. Our Neurosurgery Program is led by our Practice Director, William Boydston, MD, PhD.

Helpful Resources

Doctor's referral is required to make an appointment.

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New patients

To make an appointment, your child's pediatrician must send us a referral, your child's medical records and your insurance information.

Ask your doctor to fax your information to 404-785-2945. Once we receive the referral and/or medical records, we will call you to schedule an appointment.

Existing patients

If you have had an appointment with us before, call us at 404-785-2900 to schedule a follow-up appointment.


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