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The IRB helps make sure our research teams abide by several best practices to meet the strictest standards to protect patients participating in clinical studies.

Dr. Robert Whitehill, cardiologist at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, discusses cardiac arrest in children and the power of quick access to CPR and an AED.

Mental health expert, Erin Harlow-Parker, wants to destigmatize and prevent suicide by sharing the story of her late husband and former MARTA CEO, Jeff Parker.

Arthur M. Blank Hospital will open Sunday, Sept. 29, 2024, at the site of our expanded North Druid Hills campus. Listen to this episode to learn everything you want to know about our new hospital.

Learn what you can do to keep your children safe from injury or death from guns.

This episode gives insight and tips to help keep your family safe this summer.

When loved ones are dealing with childhood illness, avoid asking how you can help. Instead, here are some ways you can support sick kids and their caregivers.

Teen suicide rates have increased over the last few years. Kristina Miller discusses her son’s attempted suicide and how to talk to teens about depression.

By the end of this episode, you'll have a better understanding of what autism is, behaviors parents should watch for if they suspect their child might have autism, and why early diagnosis is so important.

In 2022, we saw 24 snake bite cases at Children’s—a majority of which struck a foot, hand or leg after a child unknowingly stepped near or on it. if you live in Georgia and your family spends time outside, this is worth a listen.