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The IRB helps make sure our research teams abide by several best practices to meet the strictest standards to protect patients participating in clinical studies.

These are historically challenging times to be a parent. Listen to this podcast to learn about tips to help your kids—and you—manage anxiety.

Teen suicide rates have increased over the last few years. Kristina Miller discusses her son’s attempted suicide and how to talk to teens about depression.

Dr. Robert Whitehill, cardiologist at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, discusses cardiac arrest in children and the power of quick access to CPR and an AED.

From meals to snacks, Katherine dishes out tips to help “picky eaters” develop a healthy relationship with food.

When loved ones are dealing with childhood illness, avoid asking how you can help. Instead, here are some ways you can support sick kids and their caregivers.

In this eye-opening episode, Rachel shares her story and Angie Boy from our Stephanie V. Blank Center for Safe and Healthy Children shares actionable tips for keeping kids of all ages safe online.

Dr. Sarah Lazarus and the Gibson family are teaming up to share their experience and insight to help you feel empowered to keep kids—from infants to teens—safe around water.

Parents may often wonder, “why is my kid always sick?” Dr. Andi Shane, lead infectious disease doctor, talks about how to manage germs to keep everyone healthy.

Dr. Mark Griffiths, a pediatric emergency medicine physician, and Monique Keeton-Perkins, a clinical educator with more than 10 years of experience as an urgent care nurse, join Lynn for an insightful chat that could save you precious time—and help you keep your cool—when deciding where to go when your child is sick.