little boy playing with toy at Marcus Autism Center
Defined as a neurodevelopmental disorder, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) affects a child’s social skills, communication and behavior. Kids with autism are unique, so their brains develop and work a little differently, which can affect how they understand things and relate to others.

True to its name, autism is a spectrum. Some kids may have severe challenges, while others do not. By thinking of the condition as a spectrum, we can better understand the range of functioning that people with autism have.

A subsidiary of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Marcus Autism Center is one of the largest autism centers in the U.S. We offer families access to the latest research, comprehensive evaluations and intensive behavior treatments. Since we began, Marcus Autism Center has provided clinical services to more than 30,000 patients. We are committed to maximizing the potential of children with autism today and transforming the nature of autism for future generations.

The team at Marcus Autism Center knows research is key to proper diagnosis, early intervention and groundbreaking discoveries for children with autism. Every child on the spectrum is unique; therefore, research is critical to discovering the earliest signs of autism and learning better ways to treat the disorder.

Backed by scientific evidence, we offer a number of services and evidence-based treatments so that families can receive diagnosis, treatment and support in a single location. The evidence-based approach allows us to clearly document particular treatments, as well as show our patients and their families what has proven to be successful and produces positive outcomes for children with autism.

In addition, we collaborate with premier academic institutions nationwide to bring groundbreaking research and clinical services to children and families affected by autism.

You can play a part in advancing autism treatment

Whether you have a typically developing child or a child with autism, consider joining a research study to receive feedback about your child from our expert clinicians and researchers. Your participation will help advance autism research and treatment for future generations.