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Telemedicine allows clinicians to remotely provide care to patients using audio and video technology. Being able to deliver care remotely means patients can have access to the expertise of our pediatric specialists without coming to a Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta location. 

Yes, we know seeing your child’s doctor is important. The Telemedicine Program at Children’s enables pediatric specialists to virtually see patients as a convenient alternative to in-person clinic appointments when it is clinically safe.

What is a virtual visit?

A virtual visit allows you to connect with your child’s doctor in real time using video through a computer, smartphone or tablet. This is sometimes called a telemedicine visit. 

How can I get a virtual visit?

Your child’s doctor will determine whether the appointment can be done online through a virtual visit. A scheduler will contact you to discuss your options and explain the steps to begin a virtual visit. If you’re interested in a virtual visit, contact your child’s doctor.

You must have a MYchart account in order to have a virtual visit with a Children’s provider. Our schedulers will need to help you start this process by sending you an activation email.

  1. Learn more about MYchart.
  2. Download a tip sheet on how to set up a MYchart account (en Español).

Before beginning your child’s virtual visit, you must login to MYchart and complete the following:

  1. Confirm your child’s personal information.
  2. Upload your child’s insurance information. You will only need to do this for your child’s first visit. For other visits, you will just confirm your child’s information is still correct.
  3. Complete a health history questionnaire for your child.
  4. Sign e-consent forms: 
  5. When the eCheck-in process is complete, log out of MYchart.

If not previously completed, we will need to confirm your identity as the child’s legal guardian. You will receive an email directing you to login to MYchart.

Starting Your Virtual Visit

Download a tip sheet on how to start your child's virtual visit:

Once you’ve completed your eCheck-in by submitting your forms and uploading your ID, you will be ready to start your visit. When it’s time for your appointment, you will:

  1. Go to the MYchart home page to sign in with your username and password.
  2. Select your child to be seen during the virtual visit using the people icon on the top of the screen.
  3. Select the ‘visits” tab with the calendar icon.
  4. When it’s time for your appointment, select the “begin video visit” blue button.

Make sure you are in a well-lit room that is quiet and private.

  • Login to MYchart at least 15 to 30 minutes before your child’s virtual visit.
  • If you are using a mobile device:
  • If you’re using a computer: 
    • We recommend your internet browsers be up to date (Google Chrome preferred).
    • For a good experience, make sure your Wi-Fi connectivity is strong.
    • Make sure the pop-up blocker is disabled.

Questions About Virtual Visits

Yes. You can invite another person once you’ve joined the visit by clicking the “Invite” button and entering their email address. Then, they will be able to join by using their computer, smartphone or tablet.

The provider will be able to see your child and talk to you without having to take your child into an office visit. With a virtual visit, the provider may:

  • Ask how your child is doing.
  • Talk with you about your child’s healthcare needs, including his plan of care and medications.
  • Give you a chance to ask questions.

Yes. This platform is built to protect patient privacy and keep information secure. Children’s is committed to protecting your child’s health information and following Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) standards. To learn more about HIPAA, talk with your child’s care team. The visit will be documented in your child’s medical record.

Call 404-785-KIDS (5437) or your child’s provider to cancel the virtual visit, just as you would for an office visit. Call ahead of time. You cannot cancel the visit in MYchart.

(en Español)

You will be billed for your virtual visit as you would for an in-person visit. We would recommend consulting with your insurance provider to learn about any medical coverage for your child’s virtual visit.

You may choose whether to use a computer, smartphone or tablet. Whichever you choose must have a camera.

  • Have a list of your child’s medications and dosages.
  • Get a pen and paper to take notes during the visit.
  • Charge your device or make sure to plug it in.
  • Be sure to exit any video streaming software or apps (those used for video chat, watching movies and listening to music) that may cause issues with your camera and video during the virtual visit and have other people in your house do the same.
  • You must complete the eCheck-in process before you can join the visit. You may complete the eCheck-in process up to seven days before the virtual visit, but you will not be able to join the visit until the scheduled time.
  • If you have multiple devices available (e.g., laptop, desktop computer, smartphone or tablet), try using a different device if you are having issues with connectivity. The different devices may have a better ability to hold a stronger signal or a more stable Wi-Fi connection.

If you choose to use your computer and you do not have Wi-Fi, try to use high-speed broadband internet access (cable or DSL) if possible. If you choose to use your smartphone or tablet, Wi-Fi is advised for the best experience.

Your child’s provider will be able to tell when you have joined the visit. When it is time for the visit, the provider will connect to video. You should then be able to see the provider and the provider will be able to see you.

The video connection is not automatic. Give your provider time to connect to the video after they have been notified you are ready to connect.

  • If the video disconnects before the end of your child’s visit, you may click the blue “Begin Video Visit” button again to reconnect.
  • When you first join the visit, you will be asked to enter a phone number in which you can be reached. If you and the provider continue to have trouble connecting by video, your provider can call you.     

  • Choose a room that it is quiet. Try closing the door to keep out noise and help keep your child’s visit private.
  • If you are using a smartphone or tablet, hold it at eye level so the provider can see your face. If you are using a computer, adjust the camera.
  • If you are sitting near a window, face the light.

Yes. After your child’s virtual visit, the care team will send his AVS, which is also called care instructions. You will be able to view the AVS on your child’s MYchart account.