Cardiac Genetics Program

Inherited diseases pass from parents to a child through genes—a part of DNA that affects how a person grows and develops. At Sibley Heart Center Cardiology, we offer our Cardiac Genetics Program which cares for children and young adults who have:

  • A genetic heart disease, such as long QT syndrome, dilated cardiomyopathy and coronary artery disease, or who are suspected of having one
  • Family history of heart disease or congenital (at birth) heart defects
  • A family member with sudden cardiac death when younger than age of 50

What to expect

At counseling sessions, we will ask about your child’s family and medical history, and discuss the benefits of genetic testing. We want to help your family understand: 

  • Your child’s diagnosis, the course of his disorder and ways to manage it
  • How your child’s family history affects his condition and treatment
  • The risk of other family members having the same condition
  • Possible treatment options