Injury Finder

Is your child in pain? Use our injury finder to learn about injuries we treat and how our team can help.

Head A concussion is an injury to the brain. It can be caused by a blow or bump to or around the head. This causes the brain to move inside the skull which can change how the brain works or processes information.Learn more Clavicle (collarbone)Better known as the collarbone, the clavicle is the bone in your chest just below the skin that connects your breastbone to your shoulder and arm. Fractures to this bone are actually quite common.Learn more Shoulder The shoulder is the portion of the body that joins the arm to the chest and back. It’s the most mobile joint in the body, which means it has the largest range of movement and helps control the arm. Good news is that fractures tend to heal quickly in this area. Learn more Elbow There are several fractures that happen around the elbow, and are typically caused when a child falls from a height, like the monkey bars.Learn more Forearm The forearm is the portion of the body between the elbow and wrist joints. This is one of the most common broken bones as it often occurs when kids use their hand to break a fall. Learn more Wrist and hand From little fingers getting stuck in doors, to bigger fingers being bent back by baseballs, the hand and wrist are frequent sites both for acute injuries as well as overuse problems.Learn more Spine The spine is literally the backbone of the body, starting at the neck starts at the neck and ends at the tailbone. The back endures a great deal of stress, leaving it a common site of overuse pain as well as injury.Learn more Pelvis The Pelvis provides protective structure for many organs, muscles and neurovascular structures, which means injury to this area can result in major damage to these structures.Learn more Hip and femur (thigh) The hip joint is the connection between the pelvis and the femur bone. While your active toddler can break his femur from a simple fall on a slippery floor, as he gets older and the bone gets stronger, a much higher force (such as from a car accident) is necessary to break his femur.Learn more Knee The knee is a joint where the large femur (thigh bone) connects to the tibia (leg bone). It is very vulnerable to injury, especially in the child and adolescent athletes.Learn more Leg and ankle From a shattered tibia bone to a sprained ankle, this area of anatomy represents one of the most common injuries for children of all ages.Learn more FootFeet are common site of injuries, especially in young children and commonly occur when a large heavy object falls directly onto the foot.Learn more