Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta offers second opinions for orthopedic conditions, because we understand that when your child needs orthopedic treatment or surgery, a second opinion can help ease concerns and help you make an informed decision. We also welcome patients from other orthopedic practices who would like a second opinion about their child's condition, including conditions that impact the spine, hips and upper and lower extremities, as well as sports injuries and fractures.

There are several ways to provide second opinions for families, including:

Make an appointment at one of our locations and see a pediatric orthopedic specialist in clinic.

A virtual visit allows you to connect with one of our doctors in real time using video through your computer, smartphone or tablet. Every visit is unique, and some visits need to happen in person—your child’s doctor will help decide if your child can be seen virtually. Talk to our schedulers about setting up a virtual visit for your child.

Specialized orthopedic care for kids and teens from anywhere

Our team is now offering virtual visits to make appointments easier. Talk to our schedulers about whether a virtual visit is right for your child.

While we offer in-person and virtual second opinion visits for all of our orthopedic specialties, we also offer a second opinion document review for spine and hip conditions. Our spine and hip second opinion document reviews are the only services of their kind in Georgia, allowing patients to have access to the only nationally ranked orthopedics program for kids and teens in our state without traveling. Unlike other second opinions, the second opinion document review services allow patients to have their medical records and imaging reviewed and assessed by either our spine leadership team or hip leadership team. Having these additional opinions can help ease concerns and may provide alternative treatment options.

How does the second opinion document review work?

If you live in Georgia (outside of the Atlanta area) and have a child or teen who has been diagnosed with a spine condition, such as scoliosis, or a hip condition, such as developmental dysplasia of the hip, you can submit their medical records and documents for review. You will submit your information to our second opinion coordinator and will receive confirmation from us once your records have been received. Depending on your child’s condition, the spine leadership team or hip leadership team will review your child’s documentation. Our coordinator will reach out with our comprehensive opinion within seven to 10 days after document submission. We may either agree with your child’s previous diagnosis and care plan or offer a different path for treatment. Getting a second opinion from our team does not mean your child automatically becomes a Children’s patient; it simply helps you make an informed decision about your child’s health and treatment. We also welcome you to meet us in person for a consultation and further treatment discussions.

How much does it cost?

The second opinion document review services are not covered by insurance. There is a flat fee of $500 for the spine second opinion document review (records reviewed by three Spine Program leaders) and $167 for the hip second opinion document review (records reviewed by one Hip Program leader). Payment is due at the time of request. The fee is collected over the phone by our second opinion coordinator using a credit card (we accept all major credit cards).

Next steps

Contact our second opinion coordinator to request a second opinion document review. Our coordinator will walk you through the process. You will be asked to complete and provide:

  1. Medical history questionnaire
  2. Financial consent form
  3. Referral from pediatrician
  4. Medical records, including any imaging like X-rays