IEAT and Motility Program Referrals

Integrated Enteral Feeding Advancement Team (IEAT)

Our doctors work with each patient to observe their eating behavior, watch parent-child interaction and make referrals to other feeding programs, if needed. We can also give advice about developmental eating and feeding stages, such as how to introduce new foods. We will keep you updated on your patient and our impressions and recommendations.

Pediatric Neurogastroenterology and Motility Program

Our team is highly experienced with motility problems in children. We will make a treatment plan tailored for your patient’s needs.

We will need the following information before we can see your patient:

  • All relevant clinical notes from your office
  • A CD of all relevant images and studies performed on this child
  • Consultative notes that will enhance the child's visit

We will take this data and go through an intensive chart review prior before your patient’s appointment to ensure we provide the most efficient and effective visit possible. We may ask your patient to go through additional testing before being seen in clinic.

Referral forms

To make a referral to the IEAT and/or Motility Program, please complete one of our referral forms below.