The pediatric dentists and orthodontists at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta are experts in treating babies, children and teenagers, including those with a wide range of complex medical conditions and special health care needs.

Who do our dental specialists treat?

In collaboration with other specialists throughout Children’s, our team provides dental services to children with the following medical issues:

Treatment of patients with other severe medical conditions must be preapproved by our pediatric dentists.

Who do our orthodontists treat?

Our orthodontic services are only offered to children with craniofacial disorders.

At Children’s, we offer a full range of dental and orthodontic services, including:

  • Preventive dental services
  • Restorative and surgical dental procedures
  • Dental health education
  • Orthodontics (interceptive and comprehensive)
  • Pit and fissure sealants
  • Surgical orthodontic procedures
  • Speech-aid appliances
  • Sedation and general anesthesia services

For newborns with cleft lip and palate, we also offer:

  • Nasal alveolar molding (NAM) device
  • Palatal appliances to facilitate feeding
  • Oral and nasal appliances to aid in restructuring during surgery

Your child will be seen in our outpatient clinic, but if more complex procedures are needed, he may be treated in the operating room.

Pediatric Dentists


Dental and orthodontic clinic visits are held at the Medical Office Building at Scottish Rite Hospital.

Children's Medical Office Building at Scottish Rite Hospital
5461 Meridian Mark Road NE, Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30342