Scoliosis Screening Program

Our Scoliosis Screening Program has provided information and care for children and their families for more than 25 years. We have specialty clinics at six of our Urgent Care Centers for children with a positive scoliosis screening in school or at their doctor’s office. A positive scoliosis screening means your child may have scoliosis and needs more testing.

Coordinated by a registered nurse, our clinics:

  • Give the family information based on the child’s signs of scoliosis
  • Work with your pediatrician to approve an X-ray if needed
  • Give the family and their doctor results and advice on the same day the patient is seen in the clinic

Schedule a scoliosis screening clinic appointment by calling 404-785-7553.

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Scoliosis Screening Conferences

We offer annual conferences on scoliosis for healthcare professionals. It focuses on screening techniques, research and treatment methods.

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