Our Shared Commitment

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta became a leading national pediatric center thanks to a century of smart planning, community support, prudent investments and committed stewardship of philanthropic dollars. To be there when our patients need us, we must now step up for future generations.

A project of this magnitude requires a shared commitment. We’re stepping up with a significant investment—but to ensure we’re always there when kids need us, we need your help.

Through every heartbreaking diagnosis and every small hand held, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is there when we’re needed. Our community expects us to provide much-needed care for the sickest children, and we’re honored to answer this call.

To make sure we’re well positioned to continue far into the future, we’re putting a significant portion of our resources into this campaign: $2.4 billion. We’ll only be able to achieve true transformation if our financial commitment is combined with philanthropic investment from our community.

Sound financial management got us here
Children’s achieved its position as a leader in pediatrics thanks to years of visionary leadership and the foresight of community leaders and supporters. Our track record of fiscally responsible investments and prudent fiscal management has allowed us to successfully tackle many challenges in the past, and it positions us to continue this important work in the future.

As a not-for-profit organization, Children’s reinvests its operating margin back into the system, which allows us to:

The details
Children’s has a prudent reserve fund—approximately $4.4 billion currently—that combines our endowment, quasi-endowments and working capital funds.

In 2018, our cost per day to operate Children’s was $4.5 million, and health costs continue to rise quickly.

To bring this innovative new pediatric campus to Georgia and accelerate research, care and training, Children’s is seeking $1 billion in philanthropic support. Combined with a significant investment from Children’s of $2.4 billion, the greater Atlanta community will have the opportunity to help deliver a $3.4 billion investment that will provide top-notch healthcare and improved access for generations of children.

See the breakdown for our campaign

We can’t settle for ‘good for now’

We know the community can’t afford for us to experience service disruption, whether from changes in economics, politics, disasters or emergencies. We should be able to respond to the needs of our region without disruption, every day—especially when families need us most.

As the only freestanding pediatric center in a rapidly growing region, it’s time to reach for a new milestone in our organization’s history. Today, it’s our turn to thoughtfully plan the way forward for Children’s.

Our North Druid Hills campus will position us to continue our legacy for generations, allowing us to be there for our community. We can’t do that with the status quo, and we can’t do that without the help of partners and the philanthropic community.

Join Us in Transforming Care

Now is the time for us all to make a crucial investment for today’s kids—and future generations.

Little girl smiling in hospital bed with nurse

Step Up, for Her

With your support, we can continue providing kids hope for a healthier tomorrow.