Traffic Updates

At times, our progress at the North Druid Hills campus may affect traffic patterns and access. We’ll keep you in the loop.

We know that in order for our campus to work for our patients, it must work for the surrounding community.

Our hope is to be the catalyst for traffic improvements, and, because of that, Children’s is investing more than $40 million to improve the North Druid Hills/I-85 interchange, update bike/pedestrian paths, upgrade the I-85 underpass and much more.

We worked with traffic consulting firm Kimley-Horn, the Georgia Department of Transportation and local governments to identify appropriate improvements that will minimize any traffic challenges and decrease existing ones. Our plans continue to be driven by collaboration and input with local leaders, government officials, neighbors and community members.

We have an opportunity to set into motion long-term transformation for North Druid Hills. Over time, we hope to catalyze the streetscape with retail and restaurants, permanently changing the face of this corridor.

Below you will find information about related roadwork and expected road closures.


Construction on Briarcliff Road (8/3/2020)
Construction on a traffic improvement project at the Children’s driveway at Briarcliff Road will begin August 3. All work is expected to be completed by Thursday, September 3, weather permitting. The work is segmented into two phases, and in the first phase, no impact on Briarcliff Road is anticipated. The second phase will require a lane shift that will reduce traffic on Briarcliff Road to two lanes. Two-way traffic will be maintained, and traffic facilitation measures will be in place at all times.

Utility Work on Briarcliff Road (7/20/20)
The installation of a new water tap connection to the main located in Briarcliff Road will begin next week, impacting traffic in the area. We do not anticipate a full closure of Briarcliff Road. Work will begin Monday, July 20, and will be restricted to the non-peak traffic hours of 9am to 3pm. Construction workers will flag the impacted areas and use “stop/slow” signs to facilitate the flow of traffic. Outside of construction hours, the road will be plated and all lanes will be open. All work is expected to be completed by the end of the day on Friday, July 24, weather permitting.

Traffic Texts

To sign up for traffic alerts via text, text “CHOA” to 833-928-1870.