Arthur M. Blank Hospital in the morning

Hope and Will Climb for the Kids

Thank you for helping Hope and Will climb 19 stories to the top of new Arthur M. Blank Hospital!

Looking for further ways to support Georgia’s kids? Adopt a digital animal on our forest wall at Arthur M. Blank Hospital.

On Thursday, Oct. 12, 2023, our beloved mascots Hope and Will made their way to the roof of the new hospital to celebrate this milestone. But they didn’t ride up the elevator—they climbed all 19 stories on foot to signify the strength and determination of our patients! From pumping iron to running laps with the help of their mascot friends, Hope and Will trained for their climb.

See how #Climbforthekids came to be!

Mascots and Hope and Will

Check Out Our Mascot Lineup!


Donna Hyland
Hope and Will
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Welcome to our home!
Lucky Jain
The Atlanta Braves
Brave-ing all those stairs is impressive!
Lucky Jain
Giv mor 2 kidz
Daniel Salinas
Phil the Bucket
Home Depot
They are going to bucket to the top!
Linda Matzigkeit
Peach Bowl
Happy to have Hope and Will in my huddle!
Linda Cole
Can Man
The Can Man can
Ron Frieson
Atlanta Falcons
Rise up—all 19 floors!
James Fortenberry
The Aflac Duck
Janine Musholt
Georgia Tech
Buzzing to see all 19 floors
Ruth Fowler
Dunkin' Donuts
Dollars to donuts, Hope and Will make it to the top!
Jeremy Meller
Maximus D. Lion
Atlanta Gladiators
Can I wear my skates?
Jeremy Meller
Toby the Bear
Mercer University
Macon a difference at Children's