What is Children’s Sports Performance?

Because their bodies, bones and muscles are still developing, growing athletes require specialized care and training. At Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, our team of experts knows how to help growing athletes prevent injury, play smart and perform to the best of their abilities. We offer more than just clinical care; now you can train with Children’s, too. 

Children’s has partnered with EXOS, trusted by the highest-performing athletes around the world, to launch Children's Sports Performance—specialized training for youth and high school athletes, adults and teams. Whether you want to make the team, increase your overall physical fitness or take your game to the next level, we are here to help you achieve your sports performance goals and reach your highest potential.

EXOS is an international leader in human performance training. Olympic athletes, MLS champions and top NFL draft picks train with the sports performance specialists at EXOS.

What is Sports Performance Training?

Sports performance training is targeted, often sport-specific fitness training that aims to improve functional movement, decrease risk of injury, and build strength and power. At Children’s Sports Performance, our sports performance specialists create evidence-based, customized sports performance programs for growing athletes. Our holistic approach to sports performance training is guided by EXOS’ four pillars of human performance:
  • Mindset: Achieving a state of mind that allows you to perform at your best
  • Nutrition: Learning how to fuel your body and brain for maximum performance
  • Movement: Improving performance by moving your body more efficiently
  • Recovery: Allowing the body and mind to repair, recharge and upgrade during rest

Athletes are grouped with age, level, sports and goals in mind. We help:

  • Older elementary and middle school athletes (8 to 14 years old) focus on establishing a foundation of skills and efficient, healthy sports movements. In youth athletes, we help athletes build physical literacy—the ability, confidence and desire to be physically active for life—and teaches kids how to become well-rounded athletes. Each class includes a dynamic warmup, body weight strength training fundamentals, and a competitive, fun circuit, as well as mobility and recovery techniques. This class will teach young athletes how to perform common and fundamental athletic movements with proper technique to reduce the risk of injury. It will also help to develop proper mechanics, balance, flexibility and strength.
  • High school athletes work to improve performance as they strive to compete at a higher level. Each class includes a dynamic warmup, movement skills, explosive power training and strength training, as well as mobility and recovery techniques. The goal is to achieve increased levels of movement efficiency, strength, power and endurance while decreasing injury potential.


Our programs for youth and high school athletes consist of 60-minute sports performance training sessions offered six days a week and include:


  • Pre- and post-performance evaluation
  • Functional movement screen
  • EXOS Performance Quotient four-pillar evaluation

Nutrition education
  • Courses on sports performance nutrition
  • Take-home materials

Small-group training sessions

Athletes train with EXOS sports performance specialists in a small-group setting, incorporating all the components of fitness. Our coaches help customize workouts based on each athlete’s sport and ability.

See the Children's Sports Performance training session schedule for youth and high school athletes

Team training sessions

Our sports performance specialists can also help train school and club teams at your facility or ours. If you are interested in a team sports training program, email sportsperformance@choa.org to learn more.


Attention parents

Did you know that you can train at Children’s Sports Performance? We offer customized group and semi-private classes for adults that focus on strength, balance, nutrition and injury prevention. Our performance specialists develop individualized training plans based on your current fitness level and goals.


Located in Alpharetta, Children's Sports Performance is housed in a 3,000-square-foot facility. This fitness training facility includes locker rooms with showers, specialized equipment and technology to study functional movement and track progress, and recovery equipment.

Children's Sports Performance is temporarily closed

Due to the evolving COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has made the decision to temporarily close this location. This decision was made to help keep our members and their families safe and healthy. The decision on when this location will re-open will be evaluated regularly based on the current situation surrounding COVID-19.

Children's Sports Performance

3155 North Point Parkway, Building A, Suite 200

Alpharetta, GA 30005-5481