What We Treat

Sports for children and teens with disabilities

Adaptive sports are sports for individuals with disabilities. While adaptive sports often resemble existing sports played by able-bodied athletes, there may be some modifications in the equipment and rules to meet the adaptive athletes’ needs. Nearly any sport can be adapted, including basketball, dance, tennis, cycling, hockey and many others.

Services We Offer

Helping children and teens with disabilities find safe sports

The Children's Adaptive Sports Program has a multidisciplinary team dedicated to improving access to adaptive sports and to the treatment of adaptive athletes. We are committed to helping children and teens with disabilities find a sport they love and can play safely. Through the collaboration of our Sports Medicine, Orthotics and Prosthetics, and Rehabilitation Programs, we provide children with disabilities access to and information about adaptive sports.

We also offer other services for disabled children and teens. Members of our orthotics and prosthetics team can design and assist with the technology needed for adaptive sports. Our rehabilitation and sports medicine teams can help children with varying disabilities find the right adaptive sport and get them in the game. We also help get injured adaptive athletes back to the sport they love.

In addition, Children’s offers these patients the chance to be active and have fun with others like them through our camps.

  • Camp Braveheart: An overnight camp for children and teens that have had a heart transplant or are affected by heart disease.
  • Camp Krazy Legs: A summer day camp and overnight camp for children and teens with spina bifida.
  • Camp No Limb-itations: A week-long camp for children with limb deficiencies and their families.

Collaborating Organizations

To make it easy to find a sport these athletes enjoy, we have partnered with local organizations that are already planning and hosting adaptive events. 

To support our program, contact Chuck Otto.