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Abby was committed to beating acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Thanks to her care team at Children’s, she was surrounded by support and positivity.

Born with fibular hemimelia, Caleb has lived with a limb length discrepancy his whole life. Thanks to innovative lengthening surgery, that’s no longer true.

When newborn Caleigh was diagnosed with an atrial septal defect requiring open heart surgery, her parents turned to Children’s Heart Center for nationally-ranked care.

Diagnosed at age 3 with a pediatric brain cancer called anaplastic ependymoma, Caroline continues to undergo treatment and is fighting for a full recovery.

When a 9-plus-pound tumor turned out to be sarcoma of the liver, 16-year-old Carson Hand kept a positive attitude throughout a challenging treatment regimen.

A passionate high school gymnast, Carson was experiencing pain due to a torn meniscus. Surgery and physical therapy allowed her to return to the mat.

After a brain hemorrhage caused hydrocephalus, newborn Carston was facing a dire prognosis. Thanks to his care team at Children’s, he beat the odds.

Angie Rush knew she had a 50-50 chance of passing along the gene for retinoblastoma to her children. What she didn’t know was that all three of her sons would be diagnosed with the same disease.

After experiencing stomach pain, 13-year-old Chris discovered that he had a chronic illness called Crohn’s disease. Since then, he’s learned to manage the condition.

For more than two years, Claire battled leukemia through chemotherapy treatments at Children’s before she entered remission. Along the way, her family found a community.