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Abby was committed to beating acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Thanks to her care team at Children’s, she was surrounded by support and positivity.

The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Center for Advanced Technology and Robotic Rehabilitation helps kids like Adam manage conditions like cerebral palsy.

Our Sports Medicine Program helped Aleks overcome knee injuries and a fat pad impingement with pediatric surgery and physical therapy tailored just for teens.

Our Sports Medicine Program helped Alice recover from her patellar dislocation and knee injury with pediatric surgery and physical therapy.

When she tore her ACL playing high school soccer, Alison was devastated. Our Sports Medicine Program helped her recover in a supportive atmosphere.

Taken off the field by acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Andrew Jimenez fought cancer with enthusiasm and courage. Then he stood alongside his soccer heroes.

With the team at Children’s by her side, Ariana is successfully managing the side effects of pediatric sickle cell disease and pursuing her love of cooking.

Diagnosed with a rare liver cancer called hepatoblastoma, Aubrey is now in remission thanks to her stubborn determination and top-notch cancer care.

When antibiotics failed to resolve her C. diff, Avery became one of the first pediatric patients to benefit from FMT, a promising new kind of transplant.

Brylie had a long, challenging cancer journey, but she handled Ewing’s sarcoma courageously, making her an inspiration to her family and care providers.