Ross Procedure

A Ross procedure is performed when the aortic valve (between the heart’s lower chamber and the aorta, the largest artery) is diseased or defected. It replaces a narrowed or leaky aortic valve in two steps.

First, the surgeon removes the defective aortic valve and replaces it with the patient’s pulmonary valve. Then, the pulmonary valve is replaced with a pulmonary valve from a donor. This valve replacement allows oxygen-rich blood to be pumped from the heart, through the “new” aortic valve and out to the body.

About the Ross procedure

  • The Ross procedure allows a new aortic valve to grow with your child, because it is his own original pulmonary valve.
  • Your child will need follow-up care by a cardiologist, because the pulmonary valve will need to be replaced. However, replacement of the pulmonary valve is usually safer and easier than repeated operations on the aortic valve.