Concussion Video Series

For your convenience, we have designed this online learning opportunity about pediatric concussion. These videos will help you:

  • Provide and plan patient care after a concussion utilizing all components of the Concussion Toolkit.
  • Describe the immediate and delayed potential consequences of concussion and the dangers of multiple concussions.
  • Explain when to advance care to include Emergency Department assessment and/or CT testing.
  • Discuss with patients and parents the importance of gradual return to activities, cognitive rest and the importance of follow-up care.

Concussion Program Overview

Our multidisciplinary approach helps make the Children's Concussion Program unique, with services including:

  • Emergency
  • Neurology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Sports medicine
  • Urgent Care
  • Neuropsychology
  • Physiatry (Physical medicine and rehabilitation)

We staff the program with a dedicated concussion nurse who helps coordinate each child's care across the continuum and serves as a resource for health care professionals. The concussion team at Children's works with each child’s primary care doctor to develop the best possible plan of care.

Learn more about our program by watching the videos below. Use the arrows to the side to watch all three videos. 

Diagnosis of Concussion

Watch the series of videos below to learn more about diagnosing concussions. Use the arrows to the side to watch all four videos. 

Treatment of Concussion

Treatment of Concussion in School and Activities

Watch these videos to learn about the treatment of a concussion when in school or activities. Use the arrows to the side to watch all three videos. 

Other Resources

Concussion Toolkit

Our Concussion Toolkit is a collection of materials created by Children’s designed to help you manage concussions in your practice. You will find:

  • A tool for assessing concussions and mild brain injuries
  • Emergency department referral and CT scan criteria
  • The Glasgow coma scale
  • Red flags, signs that a concussion is serious
  • A cognitive rest and academic recovery plan and sample letters
  • Sample return-to-play and return-to-game letters

Download our concussion toolkit

Other resources

Continuing Medical Education

After watching the concussion video series and downloading the toolkit, earn Continuing Medical Education credit.