Concussion Resources

Concussion reference guide

This document is intended to serve as a guideline or a user's manual for local school boards and governing bodies. It covers a range of topics from the definition of a concussion and ImPACT® testing, to cognitive rest and your role in managing concussions.

Download the reference guide

Create a concussion policy

This template can be downloaded and modified with your school or organization's information.

Concussion policy (en Español)

Three-step concussion plan

  1. Educate
  2. Recognize the signs
  3. Return safely

Returning to sports

Your child must stop playing all sports and rest until he has no concussion symptoms. He should return to normal school work and studies before returning to game play. Wait until your doctor says it’s OK for your child to resume sports or PE. When this occurs, your child should take it slow and stop if any symptoms return. If your child has a second concussion before recovering from the first, there can be serious consequences.

Download our workout diary to track the return-to-play (en Español)