Finances and Insurance

Our team is here to help you navigate your insurance benefits and payment options.

A heart transplant financial counselor can:

  • Contact your insurance company and find out about your child's benefits
  • Get approval for the heart transplant evaluation and heart transplant
  • Meet with you through the heart transplant evaluation to review your insurance benefits
  • Answer benefits questions
  • Help assess your financial needs
  • Talk about making a long-term financial plan for your child's healthcare needs
  • Help get your child into a case management program if your insurance company has this service
  • Inform you about government programs for which you qualify
  • Teach you about hospital and doctor billing practices

A Children's financial counselor can:

  • Provide financial aid packets for the Charitable Hospital Fund. Aid is based on federal poverty guidelines and other financial guidelines.
  • Answer questions regarding Medicare, Medicaid, Georgia's PeachCare program and hospital and doctor payment plans.
  • Help determine which government assistance your child can receive. The counselor can help you fill out forms and paperwork. There may be a lot of paperwork to complete. Fill out all the forms as soon as possible. The sooner the papers are sent, the sooner you can receive benefits. This process may take weeks or months to complete.

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