What We Treat

Our Limb Deficiency Program provides comprehensive care for children, teens and young adults who are missing part or all of a leg, arm, hand or foot. Whether the deficiency is congenital (present at birth) or acquired (the result of disease, an accident or other trauma), it’s important to get the right care as early as possible.

Some conditions we treat include:

  • Congenital limb deficiency: missing part or all of an arm or leg at birth
  • Amputation: absence of a limb through surgery
  • Proximal femoral focal deficiency–PFFD: a birth defect that affects the hips and bones in the leg

Services We Offer

  • Rehabilitation: The rehabilitation team at Children’s is trained and experienced in working with children who are undergoing limb-lengthening, limb-salvaging procedures or prosthetic training.
  • Prosthetics design: Our orthotics and prosthetics team provides some of the most advanced technology available in designing and fitting prostheses, including myoelectric and conventional prostheses for upper and lower extremities.
  • Silicone restoration: Provides patients who have a partial or complete loss of an extremity—hands, feet, fingers or toes—with a unique and realistic replacement prosthesis. The silicone can be sculpted and painted to match each patient’s size and skin tone, including details like wrinkles, veins and freckles. Silicone skins can be made to go over prostheses, including below-knee or above-knee leg prostheses. As the child grows, the silicone prostheses can be resized for a consistent appearance.
  • Intelligent hand: For patients with full or partial loss of a hand, we offer intelligent hand prostheses. With this technology, teens and young adults can learn to grasp and move objects with fingers that can move independently of each other.
  • Adaptive Sports Program: Our team partners with sports medicine and rehabilitation to help children and teens find sports they enjoy and can play safely. We can design and assist with the technology needed for adaptive sports.

Our Unique Approach

When your child is missing all or part of an arm, leg, hand or foot—from birth or as the result of trauma—it affects your entire family. All of our team members are trained and experienced in working with children with limb deficiency and their families. We work closely with patients and their families to make sure they have the training and support needed to be independent and confident, now and into the future.

Meet the team

Some physicians and affiliated healthcare professionals on the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta team are independent providers and are not our employees.

Helpful Resources

  • Traumatic Amputations (en Español): This fact sheet outlines what to expect and describes some treatment options for children with amputations due to trauma.
  • Congenital Amputations (en Español): This fact sheet is for families of children who are born missing all or part of an arm, leg, hand or foot.
  • Surgical Options for Cancer (en Español): Children with certain kinds of cancer may need to have surgery on one or more of their limbs. This fact sheet explains possible options.
  • Pain From Amputation (en Español): This fact sheet describes some of the sensations a child may feel after an amputation, and some possible treatment options.
  • Camp No Limb-itations:  A week-long camp that gives children with limb deficiencies a chance to make memories and lasting friendships. Your child can take part in traditional camp activities, and special presentations on coping with and thriving despite limb deficiencies.
  • Equestrian Connection: A series of single-day or overnight events that offer our patients and their families in-depth experiences with horses in small group settings. Each event is designed around participants with similar diagnoses, so kids and family members can network and support each other.