What We Treat

Our experts in orthotic and prosthetic care are specialists in custom designs for children who need:

  • An orthosis to support or correct a condition of the bones or muscles
  • A prosthesis to replace all or part of a missing limb

We apply the latest advances in technology so that growing children continue to reach functional goals at home, in the classroom and at play.

Orthotic and prosthetic devices are prescribed by a doctor and can help children who are affected by:

Services We Offer

Our orthotics and prosthetics programs offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Limb Deficiency Program: For children who are missing all or part of an arm or leg, we offer comprehensive treatment and support.
  • Cranial Remolding Program: This program is for babies who have plagiocephaly, the flattening of a baby’s head on back or side, or brachycephaly, flattening that is straight across the back of the head. We use the Starband orthosis to gently improve head shape.
  • Lower Extremity Orthoses: We offer custom braces for children who need extra support for their feet, ankles or legs.
  • Spinal Bracing: Special braces can help keep the spine straight, prevent or delay surgery, or help protect the spine after surgery.
  • Sports Orthoses: We offer custom designed orthoses to help young athletes with injuries get back in the game.

Meet the Team

In addition to our board-certified orthotists and prosthetists, our team includes orthopaedic surgeons, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists and pediatric physiatrists—who specialize in rehabilitation medicine. All team members are highly trained and experienced in caring for children and teens. We can help your child physically, emotionally and socially to overcome barriers and achieve their goals.

Certified Prosthetists Orthotists

Certified Prosthetists

Certified Orthotists

Certified Orthotic Assistants 

Physical Therapist

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Location updates

Orthotic and prothetic services moved from Children’s at Mount Zion to Children’s at Fayette.

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