What is Autism Awareness Month?

National Autism Awareness Month is a time and an opportunity to better understand and discuss the effects autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has on kids, families and communities. Throughout the month of April, everyone touched by autism, that’s over 70 million people worldwide, are invited to come together to share their experiences and learn more about autism. 

Join us this April by supporting Marcus Autism Center and making a difference to kids who are living with autism. 

Why Join Us?

At Marcus Autism Center, we know that early detection is the first step toward early intervention. And early intervention can make the difference between a lifetime of limitations and a future full of promise and fulfillment

This is why we set out to reduce the average age of autism diagnosis and speed up the time to intervention. And, we’re seeing results. Within the last four years, we have increased the number of children diagnosed under the age of 3 by 50 percent. This means more children are getting critical interventions earlier, when it matters most.

And we don't stop there. We are sharing our expertise beyond our walls by developing interventions, care plans and treatments that can be shared in the communities where these children live.

We’re making progress. But this is only the beginning. To positively impact the lives of even more children and their families, we need your help.

How Can You Help?

It's easy to participate in this national month of autism support. All it takes is a few clicks and shares to inspire friends, family and other connections to contribute to help kids with autism. Whether you choose one of the activities below or complete them all, your voice has the power to spread the word far and wide and extend our reach.

Make a donation

As a not-for-profit organization, Marcus Autism Center relies on support from donors like you. Every gift, every dollar, makes a difference in the lives of kids with autism.

Your gift allows us to conduct meaningful research that results in brighter futures for all kids with autism. Your gift matters to us. And it matters to them.

Give now

Walk with us on August 30

Together, Marcus Autism Center and Autism Speaks are hosting the 2020 Autism Speaks Walk. This is your chance to get involved, give back and celebrate life and all of its possibilities. This family-friendly event includes a walk, activities and a quiet space to use if you or your loved one with autism to retreat during the event.  

Learn more

Promote on Social Media

Tell your followers why they should donate to Marcus Autism Center in recognition of Autism Awareness Month. Here are some tips on social media best practices and some sample posts you can cut and paste.

Social Media Best Practices

  • Posts with photos get more attention, so consider adding a picture of a kid who inspires you to give to Marcus Autism Center.
  • Don’t forget to include that it is National Autism Awareness Month in all of your posts.
  • For maximum impact, share your personal story about your family’s positive experiences at Marcus Autism Center or why you choose to give. Encourage others to do the same. 
  • Tag Marcus Autism Center on Facebook (@MarcusAutismCenter) and Twitter (@MarcusAutism). 
  • Remember to include the donate button for Marcus Autism Center in your post. 

Examples you can use

Facebook samples

  • All kids should have access to early diagnosis and treatment for autism. That’s why I’m supporting Marcus Autism Center during National Autism Awareness Month. Give where it matters most. Donate today.
  • Together, we can help lead the way in transforming the future of autism. Join me in supporting Marcus Autism Center during National Autism Awareness Month. Give where it matters most. Donate today.
  • I just kicked off National Autism Awareness Month donation to Marcus Autism Center. Won’t you? Make a difference in the lives of kids with autism. Donate today.  

Twitter samples

  • In honor of National Autism Awareness Month, partner with me to make a donation to Marcus Autism Center. Help fund meaningful research and breakthrough discoveries for kids with autism. @MarcusAutism
  • I just kicked off National Autism Awareness Month with a donation to Marcus Autism Center. Join me! Revolutionize the way the world sees autism. Donate today. @MarcusAutism
  • Support National Autism Awareness Month with a donation to Marcus Autism Center. I did! @MarcusAutism
  • Make Marcus Autism Center your National Autism Awareness Month donation destination. Give today. @MarcusAutism

Support While You Shop

Take advantage of the many opportunities to support Marcus Autism Center and use your spending power to make a difference. Whether shopping online, enjoying a meal or visiting your favorite store, you can make an impact at Marcus Autism Center throughout the month of April. 

Participating Partners

Kefi Atlanta
A place for kids and parents to play, work and be together. Kefi’s industry leading safety features and trained playsmiths enable kids to develop their confidence, imagination and independence while making friends. Parents can enjoy co-working spaces, drop-off programs or attend an expert chat on parenting. Use the promo code CHOAFRIENDS year-round on any online transaction for passes, merchandise, etc. at Kefi and 10% of your purchase will support Children's and Marcus Autism Center.  

Host a Facebook fundraiser

Facebook has launched a simple tool that makes it easy for you to host your own online fundraiser. National Autism Awareness Month is a great time to use this resource to raise awareness for Marcus Autism Center, share your own personal story and reach a fundraising goal. Consider matching donor gifts to make their gift go twice as far. Every single dollar raised goes directly to Marcus Autism Center to support our goal of maximizing the potential of children with autism today and transforming the future of autism through research.

Not sure how high to set your fundraising goal? Consider this: Your gift can help us purchase much needed items, like $60 to help feed our therapy dog, Flip, for one month, or $500 to help fund art supplies and toys for clinical sessions and research. Every amount makes a difference. 

Kick off your fundraiser today

Send an email

Reach out to family and friends to inspire them to give to Marcus Autism Center this April during National Autism Awareness Month. Here is a sample email you can customize and share: 

Example you can use

Dear Family and Friends,

Mark your calendar! April is National Autism Awareness Month, and I’m inviting you to join me in supporting Marcus Autism Center. Why? Because when you donate to the center, you’re giving where it matters most. You’re helping to transform the lives of countless kids with autism. 

[Insert how autism or Marcus Autism Center has made an impact in your life, or in the life of someone you care about.]

Marcus Autism Center is a not-for-profit organization, so donor funds are critical to making sure they can continue to conduct meaningful research that leads to breakthrough discoveries. That’s why I’m asking you to make Marcus Autism Center your National Autism Awareness Month charity of choice. 

Visit marcus.org/give to show your support. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!