cystic fibrosis patient wearing mask in pediatric hospital

What Is Children’s Doing to Keep Patients and Families Safe While In Our Facilities?

When your child needs care, Children’s is here and ready to safely provide it. We have taken a number of meaningful steps to make our facilities as safe as possible.

  1. Visitor restrictions: We are limiting the number of people in our facilities. Learn more about our latest visitor restriction policies and keep in mind that these restrictions may change.
  2. Hand hygiene: Our staff is being extra careful to follow our own strict guidelines on handwashing and sanitizing. Sanitizing foam or gel is available for you in waiting rooms, in common areas and at check-in.
  3. MYchart: MYchart users can complete eCheck-in before their appointment and fill out registration forms and questionnaires before they arrive. To learn more about MYchart visit or ask the registration staff upon arrival to your appointment.
  4. Masking Policy:
    • Masks are recommended.
    • Masks are required for:
      • Anyone over the age of 2 in our emergency departments, urgent care locations and some clinic locations due to a higher possibility of spreading illnesses in these areas.
      • A patient or visitor over the age of 2 if they are showing signs of illness.
      • A patient, guardian or visitor who is at high risk for infections.*
      • Our clinical team members and employees during direct patient care.

    *If you are unsure if your child is at high-risk for infections, please ask their care team.

    Please ensure that a well caregiver is bringing the child in for services. If not possible, please notify the clinical team before your arrival for options.

    Family members, visitors of patients and caregivers with potentially contagious illnesses should not visit Children’s facilities. If there is an issue, please notify the clinical team immediately.

  5. Less waiting in open areas: We will try to get you to your exam room quickly. We are also limiting the number of people allowed in common areas and therapy gyms.
  6. Isolation: Patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 are isolated with a dedicated team of doctors and nurses.