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Diabetes overview

Designed for newly diagnosed kids and their families, this two-day program will help you understand diabetes and how it affects the body. You will work with our team, including a physician, nurse, dietician, social worker and physical therapist, to develop a diabetes management plan just for your child.

You will learn the basic skills needed to manage your child's diabetes, including giving insulin, keeping records, and using and maintaining a blood glucose monitor. Other topics covered include the importance of following a meal plan, how to treat high or low blood sugar, the effects of exercise on blood sugar and more.

Contact the Diabetes Education Department at 404-785-4841 for more information.

Beyond Basics: Diabetes Management

A follow-up to the Diabetes Overview class, the Beyond Basics class will teach you and your child about the special care needed when a child with diabetes is sick. Our multidisciplinary team will discuss ways to prevent or reduce the risk of complications through a healthy lifestyle.

Class by appointment only. Contact the Diabetes Education Department at 404-785-4841 for more information.

Caregiver class

For grandparents, babysitters, friends, school teachers and daycare providers.

Everyone who takes care of a child with diabetes needs to know the basics of managing it, and this class shows them how. The class lasts four to five hours and covers topics such as how to give insulin, count carbohydrates, test blood sugar, test for ketones and help a child stay active safely.

Center for Advanced Pediatrics
Teaching Kitchen Classroom-First Floor
1400 Tullie Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30329

To find out more, contact the Diabetes Education Department at 404-785-4841.

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Advanced carbohydrate counting

This class will review the basics: what foods contain carbohydrates, and how to calculate the grams consumed at meals and snacks. Then you will learn how to match the mealtime insulin dose to the amount of carbohydrates eaten. You will also learn how to adjust the insulin dose to help correct high blood sugars.

Cost: $20 per person. Special group rates are available, and participants receive a certificate of attendance.

Contact the Diabetes Education Department at 404-785-4841 for more information.

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Take Charge: Diabetes Prevention and Control Class

This class is designed for families with children ages 4 to 18 who have or are at risk for prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes. This course promotes wellness by incorporating culinary skills with enhanced nutrition along with an activity or exercise session. 

Even young children can learn about diabetes and self-care in this fun and interactive two-hour class for kids and families. The session covers:

  • Causes and risk factors of diabetes
  • How to use a blood glucose meter
  • Identifying target blood sugar numbers
  • Healthy eating: cooking techniques, grocery shopping tips and food preparation methods
  • Ways to stay active and fun exercises that you and your child can do at home

A physician referral is not required. Children must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver to attend this class.

To register or learn more, call the Diabetes Education Department at 404-785-4841.

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Cystic fibrosis-related diabetes

For children and teens with newly diagnosed cystic fibrosis-related diabetes.

Kids who are newly diagnosed with cystic fibrosis-related diabetes need education designed just for them, and this program provides it. The session covers all the basic diabetes skills and helps children and teens work self-management into their daily lives.

Contact the Diabetes Education Department at 404-785-4841 to learn more.

Taking Diabetes to College

To ease the transition to diabetes independence at college, high school and current college students with diabetes are invited to join us, along with their parents, for a half-day workshop.

We will have panel discussions and sessions that will cover the topics you want to know about most and both a parent and a peer panel to help answer some of your questions through information and stories of experience.

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