The Power of Happiness

The health benefits of being happy are plentiful. According to research, happiness can protect the heart, boost the immune system, lower stress, reduce aches and pains, fight disease, and help us live longer. But what keeps us happy as we go through life?

Keys to happiness

If you think the keys to happiness are fame and money, you're not alone. But, according to Harvard Psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, M.D., you're mistaken.

Watch Dr. Waldinger’s TED Talk about happiness

Assess your happiness

How happy are you? The Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania offers a variety of measures related to happiness, optimism, gratitude, personal strengths, and life meaning. Take these questionnaires* to better understand how you compare to people similar to you, including other healthcare professionals.

*Brief registration is required for the questionnaires. The Center collects cumulative, anonymous data for research purposes. To access the self-assessments:

  1. Visit the Positive Psychology Center Authentic Happiness website
  2. Click the 'login" tab
  3. Select "register" and enter your information
  4. Click the "questionnaires" tab
  5. Click the "questionnaire center" for access to all of the questionnaires

Boost your happiness

If you aren't satisfied with your level of happiness, there are steps you can take to increase it. Try some of these resources below.

Read about happiness practices from the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley

Read the Greater Good Science Center’s article about science-based strategies for more happiness