Physicians Rack up the Steps in 2017 Medical Staff Steps Challenge

From October 20 to November 18, about 100 medical staff across Children’s stepped their way through hospitals, their homes and communities. In total, the group took a total of 11,449,946 steps!

This year two teams, Team Allis, led by Mark Wulkan, M.D., and Team Bella, led by Tony Cooley, M.D., competed for the Steps Challenge title. The goal for each participant was to take at least 10,000 steps every day. The team who met the 10,000 daily steps goal the most times over the 30-day period is the winner of the challenge. So without further ado…

Congratulations Team Bella!

Team Bella/Cooley beat out Team Allis/Wulkan with team members meeting their daily goal an average of 14.4 times. Team Allis/Wulkan was a close second with 13.6 times.

Congratulations to the top five steppers:

  1. Team Bella: Abigail Kamishlian, 704,256 total steps
  2. Team Bella: Cynthia Manos, 557,488 total steps
  3. Team Allis: Stephanie Walsh, 556,678 total steps
  4. Team Allis: David Nusz, 475,416 total steps
  5. Team Allis: Mark Wulkan, 423,719 total steps

There are many benefits to walking, such as lowering blood pressure, improving mood, strengthening bones and muscles, and maintaining weight. For physicians, the benefits of being active can combat burnout and fatigue while modeling healthy behaviors for the patients they serve.