Mental Wellness

It’s no secret that the ability to focus our minds is critical in helping us deliver the best patient care every day. Understanding ourselves—and our brains—so we perform at peak condition is one way to continue to sharpen your mental focus. Dr. Joe Williams has some ideas for you to consider about multitasking’s effect on the mind and how to train your brain to stay well. 

Multitasking: A Survival Tool for Wellness or Road to Destruction?

Our Mighty Brain: Tricks for Avoiding Thanatos

Taking the time to pause and reflect each day is a great way to manage your energy and gives you the perfect opportunity to connect to your own sense of purpose as a human being, not a human “doing.” Two physicians show you how they incorporate recovery breaks into their day—one while at work in between patients, and the other, at home before the work day to help with his work/life success.

Restoration Is the Best Medicine for an Aflac Physician: The Value of Recovery Breaks

Mindfulness: One Physician’s Secret to Work/Life Success

Mindfulness, Gratitude Exercise Creates Positive Mindset, Eases Stress for Children’s Physician

At the end of a shift, take time to reflect on your work and begin the transition to home life.

"Going Home Checklist" Helps Children’s PICU Teams Leave Stress Behind

Art Therapy: Considering Residents Wellness

Social Wellness

Balancing work and a life outside of career is often one of the most challenging tasks for a physician. At the same time, we know family and friends are some of the most important support systems available to caregivers, at any stage in their careers.

Children’s encourages our physicians to prioritize friends, family and a life outside of work. This includes regularly scheduling time with loved ones, and following through on the commitment. We encourage physicians to focus on the quality of time spent rather than the quantity of time. Physicians should disengage from work and electronics when spending time with loved ones, find hobbies and discover ways to get involved in leisure activities outside the office.

Dr. Joe Williams writes more on this topic and the research that has been done in this area

Children’s Concierge Services is the perfect answer to converting “to dos” to “all done"

Physician Wellbeing Mentor Program

Children’s recently created the Physician Wellbeing Mentor Program that matches new physician hires with a physician that has been at Children’s at least five years, in an attempt to establish a trusting relationship and support the mentee by bridging the gap between mental, physical, and emotional wellness program offerings at Children’s.

Three Questions for Dr. Reisner about the New Physician Wellbeing Mentor Program

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