What We Treat

We know kids and teens are not just small adults—they have special needs. Every child is unique has the right to have their pain treated well by a team that cares for children every day.

When children are in our hospitals, our team provides expertise for difficult pain management issues before and after surgery. In the outpatient setting, we get to know your family in our pain clinic, which meets Monday through Friday at the Center for Advanced Pediatrics.

We care for several childhood conditions, such as:

  • Musculoskeletal pain: pain coming from when the body moves
  • Inflammation pain: pain coming from the swelling of joints or tissues, such as arthritis
  • Functional abdominal pain: pain coming from the inside of the body
  • Complex regional pain syndrome: pain coming from an injury or surgery that affects another part of the body
  • Chronic headaches: pain coming from the head, such as migraine headaches

Services We Offer

We tailor our treatment approach for each child’s unique situation.

Acute inpatient treatment service

This service is for children who are already in the hospital. Our team will work to make your child’s hospital stay easier. Whether your child had surgery, or has pain from conditions like sickle cell disease or cancer, here are a few techniques we may use to help:

  • Patient-controlled analgesia (PCA): this is a way for your child to give himself more pain medicine as he feels he needs it.
  • Regional techniques: this blocks pain by numbing a specific part of the body.

Chronic pain clinic

Pain that continues after your child leaves the hospital can cause many problems. It can even affect his family, school and social life. Every care plan uses a collaborative approach that involves different specialties, including pain psychology, to help your child feel better.

Our Unique Approach

New patients

All patients are seen Monday through Thursday mornings. Appointments last about two-to-three hours. Each appointment includes a visit from an anesthesiologist that specializes in pediatric pain, a nurse practitioner and a pain psychologist. In our outpatient chronic pain clinic, we treat more than 200 children and teens a year. The clinic is the only one of its kind in the Southeast.

Follow-up care

After your child’s first appointment, the next appointments will only be about 30 minutes. We also might make a referral for your child to visit with a pediatric physical therapist, psychologist or other specialists.

Once a year, we host Pain Education Day where our patients, families and care team gather to help patients feel more empowered in managing chronic pain. We hear from patients who have successfully taken charge of chronic pain, host sessions about pain management topics such as acupuncture and yoga, and meet in small groups to develop action plans and answer questions.

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Meet the Team

Meet the pain relief team

Led by Dr. Jim Mooney, Director of the Center for Pain Relief, and Dr. Adam Stuart, Director of Pain at Scottish Rite hospital, our team provides a multidisciplinary approach to your child's care.

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Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

Pediatric Psychologists

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