Technologies We Offer

Augmentative communication options

Augmentative communication is a way to help students with language disorders use expressive or receptive language. This includes the use of objects and equipment that encourage independence, such as:

  • Picture boards
  • Communication books
  • Speech-generating devices
  • Laptop computers with adapted software or applications
  • Extensive inventory of switches, joysticks and eye-gaze accessories

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Computer access

Advanced computer systems are adaptive hardware and software solutions that help patients perform computer and technical skills more quickly, easily and independently. They include:

  • Specially designed keyboards
  • Adaptive mouse technology
  • Voice input or switches

Seating and mobility

We can help children with motor, cognitive and sensory impairments gain some control over their movement and environment, and function more independently. Our Seating and Mobility Center evaluates mobility equipment for children, teens and young adults, from birth to age 21.

Children require age-appropriate equipment, and finding the right seating options for children requires specialized knowledge. Children’s pediatric therapists:

  • Understand the importance of mobility in development
  • Understand normal and atypical development
  • Are up to date with changes in technology and the options available

We have the expertise and experience to meet each child’s special needs. Our therapists choose the proper equipment based on your child’s unique situation, such as transportation considerations and home accessibility.

Seating options

Adaptive seating helps children become more mobile and independent, and makes it easier for them to use assistive technologies. Our specialists evaluate your child's need for:

  • Custom seating systems, wheelchairs and other mobility equipment, such as gait trainers and walkers
  • Powered mobility equipment—including alternatives to traditional joystick-controlled equipment—and training
  • Equipment to assist activities of daily living, such as bath chairs and lifts
  • Custom-molded seating and positioning systems to accommodate severe deformity and children who are difficult to position
  • Computerized pressure mapping to find the best seat cushion for a child with skin breakdown or pain

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Services We Offer

Our Assistive Technology Center has a multispecialty team and innovative technologies to help patients with special needs communicate and build independence. Assistive technology can allow children and teens to enjoy a variety of activities and gain independence using devices such as adaptive video game controllers, sports equipment, fishing poles, toys, switch-operated digital cameras, bowling ramps and others.

Located in the Children's Medical Office Building at Scottish Rite hospital, the center works with patients, birth to age 21, with a variety of chronic conditions, including:

  • Autism and related disorders
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Speech difficulties
  • Spina bifida

After evaluating each patient, we determine which form of technology will best meet his specific needs. As the patient grows, we stay connected with him and aid in adjusting his equipment.