Affecting about one in every 9,000 infants, muscular torticollis is a congenital disorder caused by birth trauma or malposition in utero. Torticollis is characterized by a head tilt and limited range of neck mobility, often contributing to craniofacial asymmetry. This condition may cause other symptoms such as nerve and muscle pain of the neck.

Initial nonsurgical treatments including physical therapy and a molding helmet are used to correct torticollis. However, reconstructive surgery may be required if the condition worsens or does not respond to treatment, as torticollis is progressive and will become more severe with age.

With a minimally invasive endoscopic technique, at Children’s torticollis is corrected by releasing the sternocleidomastoid muscle in the neck to eliminate restricted movement and allow for a full range of motion of the head and neck. By using an endoscopic approach, scarring is hidden behind the ear and within the hairline, and post-operative complication risks are decreased.

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