Facial Injuries and Maxillofacial Reconstruction

During the summer, children and teens are more active and many participate in outdoor sports. While exercise is a healthy activity that should always be encouraged, there are dangers associated with physically demanding sports activities.

While most sports-related injuries are orthopedic in nature, maxillofacial trauma—injury to the bones of the face—can be a frequent occurrence. Among the most commonly occurring injuries to the face are broken noses, broken jaws, and fractures of the cheek bone (zygomatic fractures) and eye socket (orbital fractures).

Jaw fractures can result in malocclusion, or an inability to bring the teeth together, and both zygomatic and orbital fractures can result in facial asymmetry and potential vision-related problems. It is important to note that some minor fractures may not be obvious under external examination, which may prevent individuals suffering from these injuries from seeking prompt medical attention. Leaving these injuries untreated can ultimately lead to facial deformities and functional difficulties developing in the future.

Our team of board-certified plastic surgeons specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive facial plastic surgery procedures necessary to repair these sorts of injuries.

  • Rhinoplasty can align and reset the delicate bones of the nose, restoring both appearance and function.
  • Mandibular and maxillary reconstruction can reshape and reposition the existing bone, or implant bone grafts to replace missing or compromised sections of the jaw.
  • Maxillofacial surgery can correct the physical symptoms of facial fractures, contouring the bones of the face into more symmetrical and pleasing proportions and helping to prevent the development of future complications.
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