Volumes and Outcomes

Children's data is based on surgeries performed Jan. 2017-Dec. 2018. STS data is based on surgeries performed July 2017-June 2018, as reported in the Fall 2018 Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) congenital heart surgery database report.

Children's data showing the number of procedures performed from Jan. 2015- Dec. 2018.

Cardiothoracic surgery is any surgery related to or involving the organs in the chest, primarily the heart and the vessels that bring blood to and from the heart and lungs. Open heart surgeries refer to cardiac surgeries where cardiopulmonary bypass, or CBP, is used and a heart-lung machine maintains circulation of blood and oxygen while the surgeon repairs the heart. Closed heart surgeries are surgeries done without a heart-lung machine, or CBP.