Communication Plan

A crucial step in preparing for any emergency event is having an efficient communication plan in place. Below you’ll find standard protocol to follow in an emergency situation.

  • Call 911 and give the following information:
    • Physical address—Give your exact location, including the street address, not just the facility name
    • Specific location (i.e. gym, soccer field behind clock tower}
    • Cross roads or land marks to help identify your location
    • Number of injured athletes
    • Type of injury or emergency
    • First aid or treatment given to injured athlete
    • Cause of injury (i.e. fall, hit by object)
    • Specific directions to scene, including any construction that could delay arrival
    • Stay on the phone with 911 dispatcher
      • Give the operator the number of the phone you’re using in case you’re disconnected
  • Designate someone to meet EMS/Ambulance
  • Remain with the athlete until help arrives
  • Communicate with parents
  • Designate someone to notify additional contacts, which may include:
    • Public relations director
    • Other coaches
    • Athletic director
    • School principal
    • First responders
    • Others, such as a school nurse, team parent or recreation center director
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