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To make a referral, contact one of our offices listed below:

Center for Advanced Pediatrics (Egleston-based providers)

  • Phone: 404-785-DOCS (3627)
  • Fax: 404-785-9111

Mount Vernon Highway, Hughes Spalding hospital, Alpharetta, Newnan and Athens (Scottish Rite-based providers)

  • Phone: 404-785-0588
  • Fax: 404-785-0596

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Asthma action plan

Created with a patient, the action plan can be an essential reference for a child’s school, day care center, babysitter, coach, grandparent and anyone else that helps take care of the child.

Tips for teaching the asthma action plan

Asthma action plan

Asthma action plan for younger children (en Español) 

Asthma action plan for older children (en Español)