MYchart gives your patients and their legal guardians access to a portion of their Epic medical record. It also enables your patients to communicate through a secure online portal or mobile device. With MYchart, your patient families can be more informed, which can lead to improved satisfaction and outcomes.

Features include:

  • Access to medical history, medications and most lab and imaging results
  • View and pay bills online
  • Secure messaging with their Children's outpatient provider
  • Ability to view upcoming and past medical appointments
  • Online scheduling (with participating practices)
  • Online appointment check-in

How are test results released?

Lab and imaging results become available, based on the following criteria:

  • Lab results are released immediately upon finalization
  • X‐ray results are released within one business day
  • Other radiology results, such as CT or MRI, are released within five business days
  • Sensitive diagnoses, like STD, pregnancy, genetic or suspected abuse test results are not posted in MYchart

Children's providers can opt to release results early and include a note to the parent or guardian.

Patients and guardians receive an email notification when their results are available in MYchart. They are instructed to contact the physician who ordered the test with any questions they have about the results.

How does the secure messaging feature work?

All secure messages go to a pool in the Epic in-basket designed by your practice. No emails go to your personal email inbox. You have two business days to respond to secure messages.

Are patients able to view their complete medical record through MYchart?

No. MYchart provides access to a partial medical record. For example, patients and guardians can view after-visit summaries, medications,* problem lists and allergies. You can manually share selected note types with your patient. Sensitive test results, including STD, pregnancy, genetic or suspected abuse test results, are not posted to MYchart. Patients and guardians can request their full legal medical record via MYchart.

Can patients contact hospitalists or emergency department physicians after discharge?

Not through MYchart. They are directed to follow up with their primary care physician and will only be able to send secure messages to ambulatory providers through MYchart.

Are there online resources and technical support available?


Online resources

Online resources for physicians, nurses, patient access staff and other practitioners are available on Careforce Connection. These resources include a features overview, marketing information and tip sheets. Note, these tip sheets are only accessible while on the Children's network. 

MYchart online resources

On-site presentation and demo:

  • From Careforce Connection, click "IS&T Solution Center"
  • Click "I need something new"
  • Click "General request"
  • Click "Epic request"
  • Complete the form choosing MYchart as the application

Training is available on Careforce Connection for physicians, nurses, patient access staff and other practitioners. Please note, this Web-based training is only accessible while on the Children's network.

Access Web-based training for MYchart

Technical support
Practices can call the Solution Center at Children's at 404-785-6767 for technical assistance related to MYchart operations.

Patients and families in need of technical support, should be directed to 404-785-7844.

Who is participating in MYchart?

MYchart is primarily used by our patients to manage their outpatient care. These outpatient clinics include:

  • Children's Physician Group primary and specialty care clinics
  • Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center 
  • Rehabilitation
  • Transplant 
  • Marcus Autism Center

Some inpatient lab and imaging results are also available. If you have questions about clinic participation and use of MYchart in the care of your patient, contact your practice manager or business office coordinator.