Year-One Pharmacy Residency Program

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta offers two (2) postgraduate year one (PGY-1) pharmacy residency positions. These 12-month positions are designed for first-year residency applicants with a primary interest in pediatrics and a desire to build skills in not only in pharmacy practice, but also research and communication.

About Our Program

Our residents gain valuable experience at Egleston and Scottish Rite hospitals, as well as academic sites for Emory University School of Medicine. Additionally, residents may collaborate with medical students from Morehouse College of Medicine while working at our Hughes Spalding campus, affiliated with Grady Health Systems.

Special requirements for acceptance

Doctorate in pharmacy or equivalent experience and eligibility for Georgia licensure are required to be considered for this program.

Required rotations

Required rotations may change from year to year, depending on our needs. 

Required rotations include:

  • Drug information/pharmacokinetics – Involves the practice of skills related to patient-specific and general drug information. Includes a five-week rotation of pharmacokinetics training. (12-month longitudinal rotation)
  • General pediatrics – Introduces pharmaceutical care to the general pediatric population through pharmacokinetic monitoring and patient care experiences
  • Neonatology – Gives opportunity to participate with multidisciplinary team to manage fluids, electrolytes and pain control, and monitor antibiotic therapy, and adjust medications based on renal and hepatic dysfunction
  • Orientation – Allows residents to train as licensed pharmacists, learning basic pharmacy operations and how to process medication orders
  • Pediatric critical care – Focuses on the pharmacotherapy management of common pediatric care illnesses and protocols to improve patient care 
  • Pediatric immunocompromised- Allows residents to become familiar with transplant patients and protocols, or oncology patients and COG/NANT protocols and other specific disease states in hematology/oncology
  • Practice management – Exposes residents to management skills, leadership philosophies and revenue cycles within the healthcare system (four-week longitudinal rotation)

Elective rotations

Elective rotations include:

  • Advanced critical care
  • Blood and marrow transplant (BMT) – Focuses on describing pathophysiology of disorders and managing complications associated with pharmaceutical care plans for BMT patients.
  • Cystic fibrosis/pulmonary – Offers opportunity to monitor pulmonary patients as part of the cystic fibrosis team and assist physicians with medication management.
  • Cardiac intensive care – Focuses on the pharmaceutical care for patients with congenital and various heart diseases in Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and Cardiac Step-down Unit (four-week rotation).
  • Emergency medicine – Exposes residents to assisting in medication reconciliation and in medical emergencies/trauma pharmacotherapy support (four-week rotation in pediatric emergency medicine spent working with the medical team).
  • Infectious disease
  • Investigational drug service (IDS) – Teaches how to manage the pharmaceutical requirements of a clinical research trial, new drug development process and regulations governing IDS.
  • Quality/medication safety – Educates about the role of the pharmacist in ensuring medication safety.
  • Palliative care
  • Pediatric rehab and medically complex
  • Rehabilitation care
  • Solid organ transplant (heart, kidney and liver) – Provides opportunity to support patients who received a transplant, including both inpatient and outpatient management of pharmaceutical care.

How to apply

  1. Apply through PhORCAS (Pharmacy Online Residency Centralized Application Service)
  2. Complete the online Children's application
  3. Upload the following information to PhORCAS by Jan. 1
    1. PGY-1 residency application
    2. Letter of intent specifying interest in residency
    3. College transcripts (including undergraduate and pharmacy school)
    4. Curriculum vitae
    5. Three letters of recommendation
  4. An interview will be scheduled

Contact us

For more information about our PGY-1 residency program, please contact:

Rochelle Liverman, PharmD
Pharmacy Transplant Specialist & Residency Director
Phone: 404-785-1414
Fax: 404-785-1677

Timothy Stacy, MBA, RPh
System Director of Pharmacy & Clinical Nutrition
Phone: 404-785-5389
Fax: 404-785-1677