Tidwell family donates to support pediatric hospital

More Than a Chance Encounter

The enthusiasm and dedication of one pediatric nurse inspired the Tidwells to help her and her team do more for kids.

When 72-year-old Lockheed retiree Robert Tidwell and his wife, Linda, began updating their wills and planning their legacy gift contribution, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta was not the obvious beneficiary.

The couple has no children. They have no personal ties to the work we do. But still, Children’s became their No. 1 cause.

All Signs Point to Children’s
Robert, a Georgia Tech graduate, became passionate about our mission after attending the annual University of Georgia vs. Georgia Tech college football rivalry game benefiting Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Linda was familiar with Egleston and Scottish Rite hospitals through her years of volunteer work for an organization that grants wishes for chronically and terminally ill children. 

The couple knew the value of Children’s to the Atlanta community and beyond. But it was a chance interaction with an aspiring pediatric nurse that ultimately inspired them to contribute. 

When they met, Mary was a nursing student working as a cashier at a restaurant located along Robert’s daily running route. He stopped in from time to time to grab biscuits to take home to Linda. Mary was ambitious and determined to become a part of the Children’s team. And, after she graduated, she accepted her dream job as a pediatric nurse at Scottish Rite hospital

Mary’s enthusiasm to serve our community’s kids—and the Tidwells’ desire to make a lasting impact on the city they love—motivated them to do the same. 

"It's not something we need right now," Robert said of the money they plan to leave to Children's. "I believe it would make a bigger impact at Children's than any other place I can think of."

Determination Defines Us; Donations Sustain Us
Through the generosity of donors like the Tidwells, we can further our mission to provide the best pediatric care today and train future caregivers like Mary. The dedication of our team members, matched with the right resources, allows us to keep raising the bar in order for our patients and families to receive the advanced treatments they need and the comprehensive care they deserve.

Be Part of Our Mission

With your help, we can stay ahead of the growing demand for advanced pediatric care.

Doctors looking upon a baby in a crib in the hospital

Training Tomorrow’s Caregivers

Given the right resources, aspiring providers have the potential to change the future of healthcare for the better.