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Children’s Application Access Outside of the Children’s Network

IS&T rolled out a new Two-Step Login tool to allow Children’s employees and physicians to securely access Children’s resources when outside of the Children’s network. The tool is now live for Outlook Web Access (OWA) users and VPN users.

OWA users can contact the Solution Center to request access to the tool if not already enrolled. Once enrolled, OWA users can access their Children’s Outlook Web inbox through https://webmail.choa.org in two easy steps:

  1. Enter your username and password
  2. Use your phone or other mobile device to verify your identity

The new Two-Step Login tool has not yet launched for Remote Children's Application Portal  (RCAP) users.

Additional resources for upgraded Children’s application portal

IS&T upgraded the Citrix platform to a newer software version (Citrix 7.15) Tuesday, Sept. 25. Citrix is the software that powers the Children’s Application Portal (CAP) and Remote Children’s Application Portal (RCAP), which many employees use to access Epic, Careforce Connection, Microsoft Office and other applications.

As a result of the upgrade, the CAP and RCAP environments look slightly different. Application icons are larger and the order of applications changed; however, the naming and function of applications remains the same. After the upgrade, employees do not need to change user names or passwords. Employees can access Citrix by clicking the desktop CAP icon while connected to the Children’s network or through VPN. While employees can also access CAP via web browser, the URL for CAP changed with this upgrade, so employees should update browser bookmarks with the new URL, http://anywhere.choa.org.


Mac users experiencing issues accessing CAP or who are prompted to update the Citrix Receiver client should view this tip sheet for instructions, or contact the Solution Center ext. 56767, for assistance.

To learn more about the upgrade, including the new “Favorites” feature that allows users to quickly save and access frequently used applications, view the Access Citrix 7.15 and Citrix 7.15 Favorite Applications tip sheets.

Contact the Solution Center, ext. 56767, with questions.

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