Office of Sponsored Programs Forms

Gifts vs. Sponsored programs

The classification of external funding as a gift of a sponsored program serves as an important step in ensuring that the appropriate accounting and compliance treatment is used. 

OSP reference sheet

Gift vs. sponsored programs/awards checklist

Provisional activity number (PAN) request form

The PAN form is used if a project contains no patient care and the subcontract is held up in processing.

Download the PAN form

Department approval form (DAF)

The DAF form is used to request ancillary services for research. It specifies what patient care procedures, professionals and technical fees are required for the study. The DAF also serves as the ancillary department’s approval and commitment to participate.

The form must be completed and signed by the appropriate department managers, and submitted along with the SPAF. For the DAF for Hughes Spalding, contact Saadia Khizer prior to routing this form.

Download the DAF form

Additional forms

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