About Us

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) supports and facilitates sponsored research administration towards fulfilling our educational, research, and public service missions. Building to the future, Children’s is dedicated to improving the health of children through national leadership in research, innovation, and transformational clinical programs. OSP’s goal is to help with all of that. From reviewing and submitting proposals for sponsored research, to negotiating and executing clinical trial agreements, to managing sponsored grants and contracts, OSP strives to provide excellent stewardship of sponsored programs. OSP serves as a liaison between sponsors, physicians, the Office of General Counsel, the Foundation, and other internal departments to ultimately ensure Children's receives fair and reasonable agreements and conducts research that is compliant with federal, state, local, and sponsor regulations, terms, and conditions.

Pre-award services

  • Coordinates with the Office of Research Administration, study teams, and external sponsors
  • Reviews, edits, and submits proposals and Letters of Intent to sponsors
  • Reviews budgets against negotiated indirect and fringe rates
  • Facilitates and manages internal routing of documents for sponsored programs
  • Provides institutional information and assists with official form preparation
  • Maintains proposal files and documents

Post-award services

  • Processes and routes new awards and amendments appropriately, ensuring accuracy and completeness, to the Office of General Counsel (Legal) for negotiation and execution
  • Collaborates with the Office of Grants Accounting on award setup and project management
  • Generates the Notice of Award (NOA) for sponsored projects and distributes to appropriate study personnel for fully executed agreements
  • Generates and executes outgoing subcontracts, subgrants, and amendments under awards as needed, incorporating appropriate terms and conditions
  • Maintains project files and documents

Contact us

Tanya Blackwell, Manager
1687 Tullie Circle, NE
Atlanta, GA 30329