Refer a Patient

Outpatient Rehabilitation
To refer a patient for outpatient rehabilitation at one of our nine locations, download our rehab physician prescription form, fill it out and fax to the number listed on the form for the service you are prescribing. Include:

  • Patient name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Diagnosis
  • ICD-10 and treatment needed
  • Physician name, phone and fax numbers

Parents or legal guardians can call 404-785-7100 (for Hand and Upper Extremity, 404-785-4611) or use our online appointment request form to make an appointment. Parent must know the medical diagnosis and services needed to schedule appointment.

Online appointment request

Complete the outpatient rehab prescription form

If you need assistance identifying the appropriate outpatient therapy resources for your patient, please call our Rehab Case Management department at 404-785-8965.

To refer a patient to our physiatry practice, call 404-785-DOCS (3627).

Inpatient Rehabilitation Program
To refer a patient for inpatient rehabilitation, you may either contact one of our clinical evaluators or fill out or referral form for professionals.

Inpatient rehabilitation referral

Day Rehabilitation Program
To refer a patient to our Day Rehabilitation Program, call 404-785-3300.

Center for Advanced Technology and Robotic Rehabilitation
A specialist referral is required. To refer a patient to our Center for Advanced Technology and Robotic Rehabilitation, complete our referral form and fax to 404-785-4388.

Download our referral form

Have the following information available when making an Inpatient or Day Rehabilitation referral:

  • Patient’s name
  • Date of birth
  • Diagnosis
  • Family contact information
  • Referring person's contact information
  • Facility
  • Insurance information
  • Date wishing to transfer
  • Patient’s current medical status

Cerebral Palsy
Cerebral Palsy patient treatment and management requires a multidisciplinary approach including neurology, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, physiatry, and hand and upper extremity. The Cerebral Palsy Clinical Screening Tool is a check list and screening tool developed for community physicians who see patients that have already been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy or who are showing signs of Cerebral Palsy. When accompanied by a referral, this tool provides a pathway for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta schedulers to get Cerebral Palsy patients to the appropriate Children’s specialist for care.

Download the Cerebral Palsy Clinical Screening Tool

Frequently asked questions

What documentation is needed to transfer a patient for inpatient rehabilitation?

A complete copy of the patient's chart should include progress notes, M.D. orders, flow sheets, radiology notes, surgical reports, consults, MAR, CT films, MRI films, X-rays, discharge summary and transfer orders.

How do I find out if a patient in my hospital is appropriate for inpatient rehabilitation?

Make a referral to one of our clinical evaluators:

Call 404-785-2274 or complete our online referral form.

What if a patient is not appropriate for your inpatient unit?

For patients whose status do not require inpatient rehabilitation, we also have the Day Rehabilitation Program, which may be more appropriate for the patient.

Learn more about our Day Rehabilitation Program

I continue to get calls requesting that a prescription be faxed to one of your sites, but we have already faxed it.

If the patient is at the site awaiting an appointment, we do need you to refax the order. If this is an ongoing problem, please make a list of each patient’s name and DOB. Then, contact your physician liaison to inform them of the issue and provide the list of patients.

We have a patient who needs a speech evaluation. What do I do?

If the patient has not had or has not passed a hearing screening or test in the past six months, the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) requires one be performed prior to a speech evaluation. Include Audiology on the order for this patient, and our scheduling department will schedule the patient appropriately.

Prescription pad request form

Fill out the form to order prescription pads for prescribing rehabilitation services.

Complete the online rehabilitation prescription pad request form

Rehabilitation Referral Resources for Community Providers

Children's has consolidated outpatient rehabilitation services currently offered at six of our neighborhood locations to our remaining three sites. As part of this consolidation, audiology and rehab services are no longer be offered at Children's at Alpharetta Highway, Children's at Mount Zion, Children's at Sandy Plains, Children's at Forsyth, Children's at Fayette and Children's at Satellite Boulevard.

With the implementation of these changes, we are focusing on outpatient rehabilitation services across our three remaining rehab locations, including: 

  • Children's Medical Office Building at Scottish Rite hospital
  • Children's at North Druid Hills
  • Children's at Town Center Outpatient Care Center

Continue to call one of our phone numbers below to make a referral or if you have any questions regarding the referral or follow-up process.

  • Outpatient rehabilitation: 404-785-7100
  • Audiology: 404-785-7174
Frequently asked questions

Community provider resources 

If you need assistance in finding a rehabilitation provider for patients in your community, please refer to the documents below:

Clinical Evaluators

Your clinical evaluator is a reliable resource and can help determine whether a patient is a good candidate for inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation.

Stacey Levine
Georgia: Dekalb Medical Center, North Fulton, Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center, Wellstar Kennestone, Augusta, Savannah, other Georgia referrals
Florida: all referrals
North Carolina: all referrals
South Carolina: all referrals, excluding Prisma Health
Tennessee: Johnson City (Niswonger Children’s Hospital)

Tereen Toles
Georgia: Egleston hospital, Emory Medical Center (main campus), Emory Midtown
South Carolina: Columbia (Prisma Health)

Travia Collier
Georgia: Scottish Rite hospital, Macon

Shelly Rich
Alabama: all referrals
Tennessee: all referrals, excluding Niswonger Hospital