A teen cheerleader athlete with a lower leg injury

From the moment your child is born, the specialists at Children’s are standing by. Whether it’s to mend his first broken bone, hold his hand as he falls asleep for ear tube surgery or cheer him on when he completes sports physical therapy after an ACL injury, our pediatric-trained team is here for your family. We are experts in treating kids and teens because they are our only focus. And when it comes to your growing kid, where you take them matters.

Leading in pediatric care

Children’s is committed to providing excellent pediatric care through a focus on quality, innovative technology, research advancements and a family-centered approach. No matter what your child’s health condition, you can be confident in our experience and skill in treating it.


Our experts explain why where you take your child or teen matters

At Children’s, we have experience treating a wide array of injuries and conditions in babies, children and teens, whether the issues are simple or complex. U.S. News & World Report consistently recognizes Children’s as one of the top pediatric hospitals in the country, including us on its annual "Best Children’s Hospitals” list for more than a dozen years running. In 2021-22, Children's had four specialties rank in the top 10 and nine specialties rank in the top 20 in addition to earning accolades from area-specific accrediting organizations.

Because our pediatric specialists know what to look for as they treat growing kids, they can anticipate potential problems and work toward the best outcome for each patient. Our team also works with parents and guardians to involve them in their child’s care and help them learn how to help keep their child healthy. These are some of the top reasons why children and teens with injuries and illnesses should be treated at a children’s hospital rather than an adult hospital.

When you walk through our doors, you can take comfort knowing that our entire staff, from pediatric physical therapists to pediatric anesthesiologists and surgeons, has been specially trained to care for your child.

Transforming pediatric care for brighter tomorrows

We’re building an innovative hospital just for kids that will represent the most significant investment we've made since Children's was founded. Our future campus will attract medical luminaries from around the globe to change pediatrics for generations to come.


At Children’s, our team understands that when it comes to the health of your kid, everything matters. It’s why you bring your child to us. Now more than ever, our team is here to support you with high-quality care and resources to help you navigate these times.