Season 1: Episode 9

Hope and Will: A Parenting Podcast from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

My Son Almost Took His Own Life: The Phone Call That Changed Everything

Harry Miller seemed to have it all: a 4.0 GPA, a full athletic scholarship to Ohio State University and a promising career as a football star. Beneath the picture-perfect surface, the former Buford High School valedictorian couldn’t shake the urge to take his own life. In 2022, he turned in his jersey, took his story public and became an overnight advocate for mental health. In this emotional episode, Harry and his mom, Kristina, share how they teamed up to work through the most challenging days of their lives and why they’re so passionate about Harry’s “don’t make it weird” mantra. Following the Millers’ testimony, Jody Baumstein, a licensed mental health therapist from our Strong4Life team, joins us for a powerful discussion about depression, suicide and how to support the mental health of all kids—including those who might appear to be thriving.

Originally Aired: March 01, 2023

Harry and Kristina Miller

As an offensive lineman for Ohio State University, academic and athletic superstar Harry Miller was being courted by countless agents. When he called his mom late on a Tuesday and said he “couldn’t do this anymore,” she drove all night from Georgia to Ohio—where she stayed by his side for six weeks.

Jody Baumstein, Licensed Mental Health Therapist

Jody is a licensed mental health therapist from our Strong4Life team. In her clinical practice, Jody specializes in helping individuals with depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns.

Lynn Smith

Lynn Smith is a veteran journalist, podcast host and mom of two boys. Her experience as the parent of a patient at Children’s inspired her to advocate for spreading awareness of childhood illnesses and injuries.

What does suicide mean, and how do you talk about it?

From educating ourselves and equipping them with tools and resources, to watching for signs in the kids we know and care about, there are things we can all do to help protect and support the ones we love.

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