Season 1, Episode 3

Hope and Will: A Parenting Podcast from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Anxiety: How to Help Your Kids—And You—Cope with It

These are historically challenging times to be a parent. In recent years, we’ve helped our kids through a pandemic, quarantining and virtual schooling—while also navigating tough conversations about shootings in schools, grocery stores and places of worship. And that’s on top of day-to-day stressors related to academics, sports and social pressures. Jody Baumstein, LCSW, who develops emotional wellness content and programming for our Strong4Life team, joins Lynn for an empowering discussion that’s part pep talk, part release from guilt and people-pleasing. You’ll leave with tips to help your kids—and you—manage anxiety. Jody’s the soft-spoken cheerleader you didn’t know you needed but sure are glad to have found.

Originally Aired: September 21, 2022

Jody Baumstein, Licensed Mental Health Therapist

Jody is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and licensed mental health therapist who’s worked with kids, teens and adults in schools, residential and outpatient settings. She is currently developing emotional wellness content and programming for our Strong4Life team.

Lynn Smith

Lynn Smith is a veteran journalist, podcast host and mom of two boys. Her experience as the parent of a patient at Children’s inspired her to advocate for spreading awareness of childhood illnesses and injuries.

Anxiety is a normal feeling of worry or nervousness we all experience at some point in our lives. Learn how to recognize signs of anxiety and what you can do to help your kids manage it.

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