Season 1: Episode 6

Hope and Will: A Parenting Podcast from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

How to Help Without Saying, “How Can I Help?”

When a child is sick, we yearn to do something—anything—to support the child and their family.

Lex had just started fifth grade when he was diagnosed with leukemia. He and his mom, Ashley, join us to answer questions we’re often timid to ask of those on a medical journey. Should you visit in person, pick up the phone or send a card? What are the best gifts to receive in the hospital? What’s an ideal frequency for a meal train? What do affected siblings need most? Their insight will help you shift from asking, “How can I help?” to having a go-to bank of ideas to support families in times of need. Whether you’re wanting to support someone in your community, seeking insight for your own journey or craving an inspiring story featuring a formidable mom-son duo, this insightful episode is chock full of outside-the-box ideas you don’t want to miss.

Originally Aired: November 30, 2022

Lex Stolle, Cancer Survivor

In September 2019, Lex was diagnosed with high-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia in our Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. Lex, an Honorary Construction Manager for our new hospital, is on a mission to give hope to kids like him and families like his.

Ashley Stolle, Lex’s Mom

Ashley, a pediatrician and mom of three, was thrust into every parent’s nightmare when a nagging suspicion became reality. More than a decade after training at Children’s during medical residency, Ashley returned to our halls when her youngest was diagnosed with cancer.

Lynn Smith

Lynn Smith is a veteran journalist, podcast host and mom of two boys. Her experience as the parent of a patient at Children’s inspired her to advocate for spreading awareness of childhood illnesses and injuries.