Health Information Exchange

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta exchanges healthcare information with other organizations and specialists through Health Information Exchanges (HIE).

An HIE is a group of organizations that can securely exchange patient information for the benefit of patient care. Members of the HIE are able to send and receive information about specific patients to and from other members as needed.

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In what HIE's does Children's participate?

Children’s participates in two HIEs:

  1. The Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN) is a statewide exchange open to large healthcare organizations and their affiliates. Members include Emory University and Grady Hospital
  2. Care Everywhere is an exchange that allows organizations across the country to request records from Children’s with written consent from a patient or that patient’s family

What kind of information is available on HIEs?

The information available on an HIE is a general summary of care, including:

  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Diagnoses
  • Lab tests
  • Procedures
  • Visit summaries

HIE members can only access patient information for treatment, business operations or obtaining payment as required by law.

What about sensitive information?

Sensitive information, such as mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, HIV/AIDS and genetic information, is protected by extra restrictions. In many cases, this information will not be released by an HIE.

Detailed information like physician notes and lab results will never be sent. Diagnoses and medications that relate to the sensitive information, however, are part of the care summary document that is sent through the HIE.

How can I opt out?

If you don’t want your information exchanged within the HIE, you can fill out and submit an opt-out request form. Patients are opted in to the GaHIN by default but can opt out at any time.

Any information exchanged through Care Everywhere is only allowed with written consent from the patient or that patient’s family.