Tools for School Health Professionals

Throughout the school year, it’s helpful for school health professionals to have access to resources that help make returning to school easier, in addition to supporting the health and well-being of students and staff on campus.

There are a variety of tools available that Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has created or collected in order to support school healthcare professionals year-round.

Check out our back-to-school tools and resources to help you prepare and welcome students back after summer break.

The Georgia School Health Resource Manual is available in PDF format below. To find a specific topic within a chapter, select “Control F” on your keyboard. Key in the topic that you need. The “find” option will take you to the first occurrence of that word within the chapter.

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To receive the most up-to-date, evidence-informed practices, reference the free, online, electronic version. From here, you may access, print or download information at no charge. If a hard copy of the full manual is preferred, place an order with the printer. Printing fees may apply.

Download and print a copy of our common infectious illnesses poster, which includes information about a number of disease, incubation periods, how illnesses spread and more.

Created with help from a patient, parent and doctor, an action plan can be an essential reference for a child’s school, day care center, babysitter, coach, grandparent and anyone else who helps take care of the child.

This series addresses behavioral health issues prevalent in schools, such as suicide, eating disorders and anxiety.

Strong4Life emotional wellness resources

This training contains general guidelines that reflect current best practices. In this training, you will have access to the following educational resources:

This training contains general guidelines that reflect current best practices for preventing infection. You will learn about disease transmission, hand hygiene, environmental cleaning, standard precautions, personal protective equipment and bloodborne pathogens.

Responding to Measles: Guidance and Support From Infection Prevention at Children’s

Children’s hosted an educational webinar in November 2019 to help equip school health professionals with information and resources about measles.

At Children’s, our goal is to provide educational webinars to help prepare and educate school health professionals on clinical applications in the school setting. Browse our library of educational videos specific to each condition or service.

Register to view videos by clicking the link below. By registering and completing the post-video survey you will receive continuing education credits (CNE credits).

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