The Children’s Health Network

The Children’s Health Network (TCHN), a subsidiary of Children’s, is a physician-hospital organization (PHO) with more than 600 member physicians in various pediatric specialties across Georgia. We serve our members through:

  • Managed care contracting: TCHN performs comprehensive language review of each managed care agreement and works with managed care organizations to ensure the agreement is fair to all parties.
  • Delegated credentialing: Credentialing is delegated to TCHN, so you can participate in multiple managed care agreements by completing just one application.
  • Claims resolution and contract compliance: TCHN serves as a liaison between your practice and managed care organizations to help resolve claims issues and contract compliance.
  • Educational opportunities: TCHN offers seminars throughout the year.

TCHN provides an exceptional value and a range of services. Please contact us at 404-785-7940 to see how we can help your practice.

Board members

David M. Bergman, M.D.
Dan Salinas, M.D., Chief Medical Officer
Robert Licata, M.D., Chairperson
Rick Payne, M.D., Vice Chairperson
William Meyers, M.D., Medical Director
Bruce J. Beeber, M.D.
Helena Bentley, M.D.
Michael McConnell, M.D.
Gary Montgomery, M.D.
Harriette Perlstein, M.D.
Tim Schrader, M.D.
Ron Smith, M.D.

TCHN Staff Contact Information

Charisse Rogers, TCHN Ops Supervisor: (404) 785-7937

Amanda Watson, Provider Relations Specialist: (404) 785-7938

Shana Brown, Business Operations Coordinator-TCHN Admin: (404) 785-7878

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